Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Phillip Burton Federal Building presented Lawson Mechanical Contractors a welcome challenge for Lawson. The scope of work involved exchanging the 21 story building’s steam heating system with a heating water system along with the replacement of the cooling equipment. Lawson delivered the high quality $4 million project and overcame numerous difficulties, such as: insufficient site access and staging areas, and the requirements of maintaining building occupancy.

Project Details

Location: San Francisco, California
Completed: 1994
Building Size: 21 Floor
Contract Value: $3.6 Million
Client: Federal Government
Owner: KU.S. General Service Administration
General Contractor: Lawson Mechanical

  • Removed over 200,000 lbs of existing equipment
  • Installed 3 boilers delivering 50 million btu of heating
  • Installed 3 chillers delivering 3,200 tons of cooling
  • Installed the heating water piping system in the 21 story pipe chase
  • Installed the heating water pipe branches and mains on all 21 floors with minimum disruption to building occupants
  • Maintained the heating and cooling systems throughout the construction process and thereby ensured the customer’s occupancy and satisfaction.

“The project was technically demanding and LMC provided high quality workmanship and professionalism throughout.” — Tim Steel, ME, PE – Dept. of Energy, Bonneville Pwr. Admin.