Lawson Mechanical Contractors stands ready

to serve your mechanical contracting needs.

As one of California's premier mechanical construction firms, we house our own 56,000 square foot pipe and duct manufacturing facility that enables us to provide greater cost controls and the custom fabrication needed for your project, delivered on time and to the necessary specifications.  Lawson is a full service commercial and industrial contractor, able to develop mechanical construction projects utilizing a variety of methods including design/build, design/assist and plan/specification.  Our knowledge comes from the successful completion of thousands of jobs, both large and small, over the course of our 60 year history.

We attribute our success largely to our unique preconstruction planning process.  We are able to coordinate our work with other contractors in each trade during this phase, rather than waiting until we’re all onsite.  Boasting the most advanced and capable sheet metal and pipe fabrication shop in California further allows Lawson Mechanical to prefabricate most materials and deliver intact directly to the job site, saving us all time and money.

Further, Lawson Mechanical has one of the most advanced and capable BIM CAD/CAM departments on the West Coast. Our expertise in engineering and pre-construction analysis can generate substantial cost savings by ensuring that rather than correct conflicts on-site, we have leveraged advanced modeling technologies, allowing us to identify conflicts before they happen.

With decades of experience utilizing in-shop materials staging, we further ensure the greatest on-site efficiencies for your project. The ultimate result of our effort is a quick and clean installation that keeps costs low and advances the completion schedule.

Every project is different and involves varying levels of complexities and coordination between multiple parties. At Lawson Mechanical Contractors, we have worked in successful partnership with not only our direct clients but with the other firms they employ as part of their projects. We're ready to work with you too.

A Rich Past and Future

A rich past and future